In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you may start fresh in your financial life.   Everyone should be afforded a second chance in life and Chapter 7 can provide that to you financially.  For instance, if you have a mountain of medical bills, lost your job, lost income, or simply made youthful mistakes with your money, Chapter 7 may be able to help you wipe out most if not all of your debts while saving your homestead protected home.  However, the law sets forth many rules, so please contact and experienced attorney, such as at the Law Office of Peggy Urbaneja, for a FREE CONSULTATION on what options you may have available. 


 Chapter 13, is an option for those with an income and assets.  For example, if you own a car, expensive jewelry, art, or want to save your home, you may want to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to work out a 3 to 5 year payment plan, allowing you to save your possessions.  Chapter 13 involves many more steps than Chapter 7 and multiple hearings.  If you live in Broward or Dade, you should contact an experienced attorney to determine if Bankruptcy is an option for you. 

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