If you have lived in Florida for at least 6 months, you may obtain a divorce in a Florida Circuit Court.  There are several paths you make take to receive a divorce.  This includes settlement, mediation, and trial; all which must be finalized by a judge.  At the Law Office of Peggy Urbaneja, we advocate at each step of the process encouraging the most affordable and efficient process possible to allow the family to begin to heal.  And, if reconciliation is a possibility, the firm can provide a list of people who may help to restore the family.   Contact the Law Office of Peggy Urbaneja for a FREE CONSULTATION.

       In my experience, problems that affect the family can be very traumatic to both the spouses, parents and the children involved.  Families are born from love, but often die from anger.  At the Law Office of Peggy Urbaneja, our goal is to help those suffering from family struggles to survive the storm with the least amount of damage.  The desire is to resolve the issue in the shortest amount of time for the emotional, spiritual and financial well-being of the family.